Seeking CAD Operator


Seeking CAD Operator Part-Time. (Includes on-the-job Training)

We are seeking a CAD Operator to be involved in Architectural drafting of roof plans and 

construction details. Drawing review will be done by a registered Architect in our office setting 

and CAD production will be done off-site.  Delivered work will be corrected via “redline” 

amendments.  The amendments will be corrected on CAD Documents.  This work will be done off-site.

A CAD Operator should be familiar with AutoCAD.  We are seeking a CAD Operator with basic 

understanding of 2D drafting practices.

Strong communication skills, punctuality, ability to achieve deadlines and good interpersonal 

skills are required.

If you are interested in this position, contact: Contact: Patrick D. Murphy Co. Inc.

Jean-Paul Grivas ( 502-494-5965

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